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Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Cannonball Adderley Quintet (1966) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Soul of a Village II, Joe Zawinul (1967) Soul of a Village II

In a Silent Way, Miles Davis (1969)

Weather Report, répétition live (1971)

Seventh Arrow, Weather Report (1971) Seventh Arrow

Cucumber Slumber, Mysterious Traveler (1974) Cucumber Slumber

Birdland, Heavy weather (1977) Birdland

Corner Pocket, Sportin’ Life (1985) Corner Pocket

Donna Lee, Jaco Pastorius (1975) Donna Lee

Portrait of Tracy, Jaco Pastorius (1975) Portrait of Tracy

Portrait of Tracy, Jaco Pastorius (live, 1978).

My People, The Zawinul Syndicate (1996)

Birdland, Weather Report (live, 1978).

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