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Composition 1960 #7, La Monte Young, 1960 Composition 1960

Pre-Tortoise Dream Music, La Monte Young, 1964 Pre-Tortoise Dream Music

In C, Terry Riley, 1964

Come Out, Steve Reich, 1966 Come Out

Piano phase, S. Reich, 1967 Piano phase

Piano phase, S. Reich, 1967
Version pour piano solo

Clapping Music, S. Reich, 1972

“Pulse”, Music for 18 Musicians, 1976

Electric Counterpoint, S. Reich, 1987

“During The War”, Different Trains, S. Reich, 1988

Music in Twelve Parts, P. Glass, 1971 Music in Twelve Parts

Knee Play 4”, Einstein On The Beach, P. Glass Knee Play 4

Glassworks, “Opening”, P. Glass, 1981 Glassworks

Quatuor à cordes n°3, “Blood Oath”, P. Glass, 1985 Quatuor à cordes n°3

Morning Passage”, The Hours, P. Glass, 2002 Morning Passage

Für Alina, A. Pärt, 1976 Für Alina

Missa Sillabica, “Kyrie”, A. Pärt, 1977 Missa Sillabica

The Heart Asks Pleasure First”, The Piano, 1993 The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Fly”, album Divenir, L. Einaudi, 2006 Fly

The Heavenly Music Corporation”, (No Pussyfooting), 1973 The Heavenly Music Corporation

1/2« , Ambient 1: Music for Airports, 1978 1/2

« Vladimir’s Blues 2018 »The Blue Notebook, M. Richter, 2013 Vladimir’s Blues 2018